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cubicarts's Journal

Convulsive Beauty
14 November
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Man, when I read other people's profiles I always think "damn, that sounds like a good comprehensive description!" I am no good at things like that.

You can figure out much of what you might want to know about me by looking at my listed interests and community memberships. Then again, some comms I just joined to gawk at.

I really like to meet new people, though I am still kind of a shy wuss. I am really bad at being rejected (no, really really bad... it's part of my borderline personality disorder) and this leads me to be, often, overly cautious and guarded with people. I'm trying to work on this, in part, by meeting and talking to people online (haha! where you cannot hurt me!)

I don't really want to put more contact info on this page, so if you want my AIM/email, leave a comment and I will get back in touch with you.